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Dao Yin Extra

All Dao Yin Gong exercises have been subjected to testing by the Beijing University of Physical Education and various Chinese Government bodies. We are in no position to describe the quality of those tests or the validity of the findings, but they are presented below for your information and interest.

In common with all Chinese exercise systems for health, the findings are based on the understanding the practitioner undertakes the exercises regularly and over a sustained period of time. There are no substantial benefits to be gained from haphazard, infrequent practice, although participants may well enjoy the fact that they are doing something rather than nothing.

Mark Atkinson

These notes were translated from the Long-fei newsletter found at: I have however adapted several items in order to have them conform to my own personal experience while practising.

Peer Brouwers

1. Tiaoxi Tuna (De adem reguleren, verwijder het oude en neem het nieuwe op)

Tiaoxi Tuna


2. Shunshui Tuizhou (Kabbelend water duwt het bootje)

Shunshui Tuizhou


3. Jiandan Riyue (Draag zon en maan op een schouderstok)

Jiandan Riyue



4. Pengniao Zhanchi  (Rokvogel spreidt zijn vleugels) 

Pengniao Zhanchi


5. Liban Panshi  (Krachtig verplaatsen van stenen schijven) 

Liban Panshi


6. Tuichuang Wangyue (Het venster open schuiven en de maan bekijken)

Tuichuang Wangyue


7. Yingfeng Danchen (Stof tegen de wind in vegen )

Yingfeng Danchen

8. Laoweng Furan (Oude vader strijkt langs zijn baard)

Laoweng Furan